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Please take a look at what some of our students have had to say about our school, teachers and lessons.


Sakura: It's so much fun learning English. The lessons are always interesting and I feel like I learn something new everytime. I want to use English in the future and maybe I'd like to travel to some English-speaking countries. The teachers at Queen's English are very kind and patient.

Hiroko: It is a pleasure to write about my happy experience at Queen's English School. I began studying when it was established in 2001. When I first registered for Mr. Martin's class, what I was able to say was only short, simple sentences like, "I went to see a movie on Sunday." or "I'm interested in England. I want to travel there someday."

The teachers know how to assimilate new ideas, methods and technology into actual teaching. They help the class to feel at ease and enjoy conversation, but that is not all. More noteworthy is that they are always aware of setting a step-by-step goal the students should reach. This is very effective at keeping myself well-motivated though it can be challenging sometimes. I have learned not only the English language but also "thinking critically," that is, having my point of view and explaining my own ideas in English. Their deep understanding of Japan and Japanese people was also very impressive.

When I took a TOEIC test in 2005 for the first time, the score was 860. Since then I tried several more times and my best result was 935 out of 990. (listening section: 495/495, reading section: 440/495) My classmates were intelligent, open-minded and cooperative. I would like to thank them for initiating interesting topics every time. It was really exciting to study with them. I look forward to a greater future for Queen's English School! Thank you.


Sanae: I have vastly improved my vocabulary since studying at Queen's English. Actually, I used to live in Canada and thought my English was relatively good, but I soon realised there is always something more to learn. Both of my children attend the school so we all receive the family discount. I have to say that I'm very satified with their progress as well as my own.

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